Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring has sprung

That's right! Spring is in full swing here in our little corner of the world and we are lovin it!! The weather is warm, sunny, breezy and smells like fresh flowers. 

Our school year is winding down. We don’t actually follow the typical school year pattern. We school year round taking breaks whenever it suits us. Right now we are finishing up the plans for the current year.We will be taking June off for a cross country move and then starting the new years work in July.

Today we worked on our human body study by building a skeleton. After printing  off the file I had the boys put it together like a puzzle. We talked about the bones, the similarities in the arms and legs, the parts they though looked funny, and basically how smart God was to make us that way!100_5445

After taping our skeleton man together we played a game with naming the bones.  I printed off the names of several of the major bones of the body and put them in a bag. The kids took turns pulling one  out and working together to figure out where they went.100_5448 100_5449

All in all a fun way to learn more about this amazing creation God has made, Us!

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