Thursday, April 15, 2010

I was NOT a dream killer!

I had planned on writing this big huge post telling all about the homeschool conference I attended. But you know what I just don't have the brain energy for that right now!! Suffice it to say I LOVED it and think everyone should attend a conference every now and again!

One of the sessions I attended was given by Rebecca Kochenderfer. The thing that really stuck with me about her message was that if we encourage our kids in there goals and help them to achieve them that we will be amazed at what they will go on to do in their lives. She talked about being a “dream killer”..She also talked about turning phrases like “I cant do that.” into “how can I do that?”I think we have all been that person before!

whats that son? You want to be a cowboy?”   

“Yeah mom I do.”

Oh honey I’m sorry you cant really be a cowboy.”

I admit I have  been that mom at times! But I was NOT that person the other day and I wanted to share! My kiddos and I went for a nature walk the other day and Isaiah told me that he didn't really know what he wanted to be when he grew up. I assured him that he could be ANYTHING he wanted to be. Now if you know my son you know that he is a fairly pessimistic guy at times. The glass for some reason is just usually half empty! So I was not shocked when He told me that that was not true, he really could not be ANYTHING he wanted to be.

Why what do you mean Isaiah of course you can!” was my answer.

I cant be batman. I cant be a superhero mom. No I cant be anything I want!”

Thoughts of the session with Mrs Kochenderfer came to my mind and I asked Isaiah what batman did that he thought would be cool.

Well mom he stops bank robbers and fights crime.”

I was really excited by his response and told him that he could do all of those things! By the look on his face I could tell he didn't believe me but I just kept going! I told Isaiah that policemen do just that and that detectives solve crimes when they don't know who committed a crime. Just like batman!!

His face lit up as my words sunk in and he declared that he would be a policeman.The rest of the walk was spent discussing the police academy and the things he remembered from a recent fieldtrip to the police department.

Isaiah may not become a policemen. At eight he still has lots of years to change his mind.But that's not the point is it? The point was helping him to realize that he really can achieve his goals and dreams. That he can become anything that he wants. I will never forget what Isaiah said to me later that evening.

“Mom thanks for taking us for a walk today.”

Your welcome Isaiah.” I said.

And mom thanks for talking to me on the walk, for helping me figure out about being a policemen.”

Truly a priceless moment for my mommy heart =0) I was not a dream killer!!


All American x5 said...

Oh how sweet! I love those special moments!

Tristan said...

I'm so proud of you! Now can you call me every morning and remind me not to be a dream killer? I forget that one so easily...sigh.