Saturday, January 30, 2010

My pride and joy part 1

I am so thankful to the good Lord for my children.They truly are an amazing blessing and a joy in my life. There are days when they try my patience. There are days when I want to just loan them to someone for the day too! I think every mother has those days. The time of havin young children in the home is definitely a "giving season" in a womens life and I'll be darned if somedays I feel like I have nothing left to give!
That all said I wanted to just tell in four post about each of my four children.Because they really are such wonderful people and I am really truly blessed to have each one.
My oldest is Isaiah. He turned eight this year and I can hardly believe it. He will always be special to me because he was my first. He helped me to grow up and to think of someone other than myself.
Isaiah has the sweetest spirit.He loves to help other people. Sometimes when he offers to do something for me and I tell him no he says "but mom I just like to help." I see myself in him a lot. I have always been someone who didnt want to do something in front of people unless I was good at it and if I failed at an attempt I wanted to stop trying right then and there! Isaiah is much like that himself. As he grows he is learning to keep trying and to never be ashamed of his failures because that is how we learn and grow.
In our faith our children are able to be baptized at eight years old. We believe that is the age when they can be held accountable, they can understand right and wrong and choose it for themselves. Isaiah has always expressed his desire to be baptized.Which is such a joy to me to see him at such a young age have a desire to please the Lord. It just so happened that when Isaiah was to turn eight this year my husband would be deployed. Isaiah was so disappointed that he would not be able to be baptized right away!He wants to wait for his dad to be here for his baptism but he also really wants to be baptized and the waiting is hard =-}
Isaiah is starting to grow up on me and some days it makes me sad. Like when he tells me not to call my husband "daddy" but to call him "Dad" because "daddy" is for little kids.
Other days it makes me right proud.Like today when he told me that he had said a prayer that God would help him not to yell and lose his temper when he gets angry and that it had helped alot and he knew God had answered his prayer.
I still get to see his tender young boy heart peak out at times when he tells me that although he wants to serve a mission for the Lord he doesnt want to be away from me and the rest of his family that long =-}
I love my first born more than I could ever say and I am enjoying watching him grow into a kind hearted boy who loves God and loves his family. Isaiah truly is my pride and joy.

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Anonymous said...

It is amazing to watch my grandchildren grow. Each is an individual. Each is truly meant for the family they are in. Isaiah is a gently loving spirit who is also very strong willed. A great combination