Saturday, January 9, 2010

NSV Saturday

Kris over at Eclipsed has a great post she does every Saturday about "NSV's" or Non Scale Victories. Weight loss is a journey. Some of the victories we experience are on the scale. Seeing that number go down each month. Some of the victories though have very little to do with the numbers.
This week I had a NSV that I am really excited about. Having low self esteem has always been a struggle for me. I am not really sure why but it has been. Earlier this week I was sitting on the couch watching my screen saver. No joke! I like to sit and watch it because it flashes up on the screen the pictures that are stored on my computer. All of a sudden a picture of myself popped up, one that was taken maybe two months ago. The first thought that came to mind as I looked at myself in the picture was "Hey I look pretty."
It took me a minute to realize that my first thought about that picture wasn't something negative like usual =-} It was very exciting to realize that my goal of loving myself and of looking at the positive is being realized!

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