Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Whose Side Are You On?

We made the decision to homeschool several years ago. As I began to talk to people about this choice I realized that when you tell someone you homeschool they often think you are "Anti" public school. Especially when I talk about all the things I love about homeschool or all the reasons why public school isn't a good fit for us.

So whose side are you on?

Even in the the homeschool community we have issues like this. There is much debate about who is a "true" homeschooler. There are the "purists" who feel any use of public schools or government programs is not acceptable. There are those who happily use some public school programs as well as some at home things. Still others use online private schools. Lets not even get into the debate over that!! I have heard a good friend told that she absolutely "Can Not"call herself a homeschooler because she uses one such online program!

Again I say whose side are you on??

I will tell you exactly where I stand, exactly whose side I am on.

I am on the side of GOOD EDUCATION. No matter what form it takes. Be it public school, homeschool or somewhere in between. I am on the side of involved parents who know what there kids are being taught, whether its by themselves or a teacher at school. That is where I stand.

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