Thursday, January 7, 2010

Setting aside our feelings

I have been reading an absolutely fabulous homeschool book lately. Something that is addressed in the book really stood out to me.
Sometimes we don't want to do what the Lord wants of us. Sometimes our emotions are not going along with the Lords plan for us. when I have felt this in my life I have just assumed that I wasn't as good or as spiritual or as Christian as the next woman. But the author of this book took a different view and I think I agree it her.
If I am willing to do what the Lord asks of me even when my heart is not on board(at first) and I am willing to try to get my feelings in check along the way, that's whats important!
I mean its easy to follow the Lords plan if its something we are honestly happy about. Not so much so when we are thinking to ourselves "Really Lord? You want me to do THAT? I don't know about this! I really don't want to!"
I think when we follow the Lord, even if it is with a whiny countenance at first that we are on the right path and that usually our feelings and emotions will fall in line with what our Heavenly Father wants. Because lets be honest He knows me better than I know myself and He knows what will bring me happiness and peace in my life.


Tristan said...

I hear you - been there (and am still there in some areas...sigh).

Anonymous said...

A very true thought. I have found that when I do what Heavenly Father asks of me, even when I don't really want to, He softens my heart and the "want to" comes.

Tristan said...

I nominated you for a blog award here: