Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Baby steps

I had a good laugh at myself today and I thought I would share! I made the goal to learn to sew this year. I was sitting here today getting kinda down on myself for not having made any progress toward that goal. Then I realized that today is only the 12th of January!Hahahaha I only made this goal 12 days ago =-} I have lots of time to work on this goal. After having a bit of a laugh I realized though that I hadn't really figured out how I would get to my goal. So I thought about it and have come up with a few smaller "goals" to get me to my end result.
First is reading a book about sewing every month. I absolutely LOVE to read but it is definitely not the way I learn best. I prefer to be shown physically. Hence I do not put together anything that I have to read the directions for! But I think reading some books about sewing will if nothing else help me become more familiar with sewing terms and hopefully help me do better with reading directions as well!
Second I am going to steal.. uh I mean borrow my moms sewing machine and have her come over for a little teaching session to show me how to use it. I really should call her and ask her about that =-}
Thirdly to stock up on the sewing basics and essential and lastly to try to complete one sewing project a month.
I think those are all good steps towards my goal and also very doable steps. I'll try to post each month to update on how well I am doing at achieving these goals!
What are your goals for the year??

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