Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 3 A Phone Call and Some Adult Conversation!

Day 3 has been good here in the Barrick household.Isaiah had scouts tonight and I got to sit and chat with some ladies whilst the younger kiddlets played.It was really nice to have some adult conversation!Tomorrow some more of that is on tap as well.A couple homeschool families in our neighborhood are coming over to hang out.In the evening we also have our churches Christmas party.All in all it should be a great Friday!

Speaking of Friday of all the days of the week I find the weekends the hardest.That’s the time we used to spend as a whole family.Going out shopping,hiking,playing and to church all together.Now it’s the time we go out and see everyone else having fun with there Dad/Husband. I’m not sure what the plan will be to keep us from feeling sorry for ourselves on the weekends!I’m sure I’ll figure something out! ;0)

Aside from enjoying scouts and some sisterhood at church we also got an exciting phone call today.It only lasted about 10 minutes.It got disconnected once and the connection was TERRIBLE.It was the best phone call ever!HaHaHa it was the best because it was a phone call from Justin!Just hearing his voice,hearing that he is ok and being able to tell him I love him is so important.Seeing each of the kids smile as their dad asked them about there day,that’s the good stuff right there!

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