Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Blend of Tradition and A Little Something New

During deployments I try to keep the kids life's going as normally as possible. I find the familiarity of there routines helps them and me get through the deployment a little bit easier.

With Justin leaving right before Christmas we knew this holiday wasn’t going to be what it usually is.Almost always my first thought is to go home and visit family for the holiday.Our family lives in Ohio.That’s a four day drive or half day(Very expensive) flight from where we are.My sister is having a baby come the new year and I just cant justify two back to back trips.So we knew we had to make different plans!

Most everyone has their husbands home or is visiting family and I just knew I didn’t want to be sitting at home alone and depressed on Christmas.So I decided to break tradition a bit!I booked a room at the Great Wolf Lodge for Christmas Eve.We have been to Great Wolf once before and LOVED it! They decorate for holidays,have nightly story time and an indoor water park!I’m keeping it a surprise from the kids too!

I will pack up the kids Christmas Eve and we will spend the night snacking on Christmas treats and watching all our holiday favorites!The kids will also open their traditional Christmas Eve pajama’s.On Christmas day after reading the Christmas story and having a yummy breakfast we will head for the water park!

Its not the Christmas I would have picked in many ways.But I can make it a great one for me and the kids!


Mary said...

It will be a great Christmas for the kids to enjoy and remember for years to come!

The Osborne's said...

You will LOVE Great Wolf! I have been dying to take my kids there but they're still too young to fully enjoy the water park, but I have several friends who have gone and said it was amazing- the snow falling in the lobby and everything was just magical. I'm sure your kids will have a great time!