Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 4 I Lost My Christmas Spirit there For a Minute


Yesterday was Day 4 since the hubs headed to Afghanistan.The morning was spent with a house full of kids.13 kids to be exact.All of which belonged to 3 homeschool moms :0) My friend Jen and her 4.My friend Heather and her 5 and me with mine. We all had a blast!The kids played.The moms chatted and a good time was had by all!My poor neighbors may not have had such a good time come to think of it,those 13 kids (9 of which were boys!) got pretty loud!

After our friends all went home the kids were still happy because we had our church Christmas party that evening.Christmas music,dessert and fellowship Yay. Yeah well that was the plan anyways.But how often do things really go as planned?! The musical program WOULD have been uplifting if I hadn't been chasing a toddler the whole time.The desserts WOULD have tasted great if things hadn't been so confusing for my 10 year old who was designated to get food that he jumped out of the ever shifting line 3 times to ask me where he was supposed to go…There were well over 150 people there.After his 3rd attempt to find the right line I was getting frustrated.I said FORGET IT! I packed up the kids and took them out to dinner as a treat instead.It helped me calm down and realize that it really wasn’t a big deal.Things like that are always a bit stressful when your by yourself and you have little ones.Instead of letting it ruin the rest of my night I decided to enjoy dinner out with the kids.Then we came home and watched a movie together and baked some cookies.

I’ve learned that we have to be flexible.Our evening didn’t turn out at all the way we had planned it.But we didn’t have to let that ruin our night.

We have to also be realistic.Was it really realistic of me to expect a 2 year old to sit through a 45 minute musical performance?Nope. Was it really realistic to expect my 10 year old to get through the mad rush of over 100 people unscathed and in a timely fashion?Nope. If I hadn't expected those things in the first place maybe I wouldn’t have felt so frustrated to begin with.

Life during a deployment isn't always easy, but it sure is entertaining ;0)

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