Monday, December 5, 2011

1 Week!

Clipart Illustration of a Bunch Of Floating Party Balloons With Confetti At A Party

Aaahh sweet success! We have survived our first week of deployment :0) I know it seems silly considering we have fifty one several more weeks to go.But it feels good to celebrate it anyways!

The past few days have all been good.We made it through church this week.With four kids and only mommy we really do have to “get through it” some Sundays.But its always a blessing. I’d encourage anyone going through a deployment (or any other hardship) to lean on the Lord.Make Sunday worship a priority.It will brighten your week and lighten your load I promise!

Here’s to another great week!


The Osborne's said...

It's good to celebrate every milestone! We just finished two months. Church alone is always difficult, I felt really blessed my 2-year old fell asleep this week! Hopefully you can find some good helpers. In our last ward my husband was home, but he was the bishop so I always sat alone. Fortunately I had several good families that would let the boys sit with them or would help me out if I had to leave to nurse or change a diaper. Couldn't have survived without them. Good luck!

ChristinaB said...

Two months thats great! It is good celebrate the milestones ;0) I am thankful to be in a military ward where EVERYONE knows what its liek and is very helpful!