Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Wonky and Wonderful Day

Yesterday was a nice day.some of it was a little wonky but some of it really was wonderful!

In our new study on plants we started with a nature walk.Observing and noting the differences about the plants around our house.The kids enjoyed getting out even though it was pretty chilly,at least it was dry :0) We read about plant cells and compared them to animal cells and the kids sketched some plant cells.

We use All About Spelling here and if any of you use it you are familiar with the letter tiles. I love the tiles!They add a visual and hands on element that can be so helpful to kids.The only problem I was having with them is that I didn’t have a board to keep them set up on.Every time we would use them we would have to pull them all out of a bag and get them laid out before we could start our lesson.Needless to say we didn’t use them much!Finally we made it to the store and I found a magnetic white board that was a great price.My next issue was how to hang said board.We liv in army housing which means we cant do anything permanent.My husbands also deployed and tools are not my strong suit.So I needed an easy way to get this board on the wall!After searching I found something.Heavy duty velcro fasteners!I can do velcro! Now here is the wonky part


Though you cant tell from this picture, I was in such a hurry to hang the board that I hung it completely UN-level!It really looks wonky!But I am not willing to hassle with trying to take off and re-attach the heavy duty velcro fasteners ;0) So wonky it will be!

Now the wonderful part of the day was my Christmas present arriving :0)


That’s my beautiful new Kindle Fire! So far I am loving it! Its easy to use and I found tons of Free books,music and apps for it.I downloaded at least 10 books last night and guess what, no shelf space needed!Which is really good for me!In this house shelf space is at a premium!

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Mary said...

Sounds like a productive day! And I bet the kids don't care if the board is crooked.