Friday, November 18, 2011

Yummy Vegetarian Dinner

I am not a vegetarian. I'd love to be one honestly.I ate vegetarian for about a month recently and didnt miss meat at all.The only hitch came along with my husbands stubborness ;0) He is a meat and potatoes guy with a BIG emphasis on the meat! I got really tired of taking my time and energy to make a dinner just to have him go to the kitchen and make himself something else.Granted I give him bonus points he never asked ME to make him something else.He's not dumb, he knows that woulda got him a wooden spoon upside the head! I also got tired of making a meat containing meal for my family just to have to figure out something else for myself.
We found a great compromise.When we sit down to plan our meals we plan half the meals vegetarian and half with meat.That way everyones happy.
Tonight I tried a new vegetarian meal and it was FANTASTIC!It would do great as a side dish too! Its a yummy veggie and grain filled casserole.



crazy4boys said...

Thanks for sharing. Did your husband like it too? Mine is much like yours in that he likes his meat. But slowly, slowly we're building our vegetarian recipes and I hope he likes this one.

ChristinaB said...

This nights dinner the hubs wasnt home!LoL The kids all seemed to like it though :0)