Saturday, November 12, 2011

Curse You Dust Bunnies!

I wrote about our new home and the new chore charts we were trying out earlier this week.I thought today would be a good day for an update. Things didnt go so well.Not at all well if I am being completely honest :0)
The kids are always great about doing any chores I ask them to. Hannah loved her chart and kept asking me what she could do next just so she could color in the square when she was done.The downfall came I think because we have absolutely no schedule at all right now.With my husband off work for the past two weeks we have taken a break from school and schedules.Which has made finding time to work in those chores difficult.
The week wasnt a total loss though. I taught the kids how to do a few new chores. I also found that each child having their own chart to mark off is a good motivator for my littler dust busters!
Dad heads back to work this week and we get back to our schedule here around the house and I hope that will give us more success in the chore area!

Wish me luck!

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