Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 1

Its day 1 since the hubby left for Afghanistan and day 1 can be a hard day.I was prepared with a fun list of “to do’s” to help pass the day.

I was up and showered about 8am and started with a bit of cleaning we hadn't done over the weekend.Then on to breakfast and school with the kiddos.

Justin called about lunch time which brightened everyone's day.He was in Maine waiting to get on his flight to Germany.After that it was off to our favorite place THE LIBRARY!Everyone right down to the baby loves the library.I knew it would be a good place to go today.It was made doubly exciting because we found out they are doing another reading program!Read books and come in for prizes Yay!As well as having holiday themed crafts every Saturday.

Next was on to the boys haircuts.If you would guess this was the boring part of our day you would be wrong! The boys have a very traditional daddy who likes nice short military cuts on his boys.Mommy however is a bit more relaxed.So when daddy leaves the boys get Mohawks ;0) I know it seems silly but it’s a small thing that brightens their day.


Last on our list for today was the grocery store.This was definitely not the best part of the day BUT we all survived it and now have lots of goodies to eat in the house.

Aside from all of this today the thing that Surprised/Pleased me the most was how much seeing all the familiar military surroundings made me happy. I wasn’t sure if seeing the uniforms,the Chinooks (helicopter type air craft),strykers and humvee’s would make me miss my hubby even more.During both of Justins other deployments I had gone home to our very civilian home town.Instead of upsetting me today seeing all that made me feel very close to my soldier.Instead of “leaving it all behind” I can stay and feel that much closer to him by staying close to the military.

Now the kids are in bed and I can relax and mentally check off one day.Yay!

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