Sunday, November 6, 2011

Remembering Nevaeh and talking to our children about the hard stuff

This past week has been a sad one for us.Some dear friends of ours lost their daughter to cancer.Our daughters were born just a few months apart and every time I look at Hannah I think of Nevaeh and what her parents must be going through right now.
We have shared with our older children this journey that Nevaehs family has been going through.Praying and fasting together for them. Whenever something like this becomes part of your childrens life they start to have questions.
Some of the questions my kids have had are:
"Why did God let Nevaeh get cancer?" "Why hasnt anyone cured cancer yet?" "Why did Nevaeh die even though we were praying for her to be healed?"

These are HARD questions.Questions that I have asked myself at times. I think its so important to share with our kids that we too have questions when life is hard.Its ok to tell them when we are wondering about the answers to questions too.
I also think its important to search the scriptures WITH our kids.Pointing out the wisdom and answers that we can find there.
Times like these in our lives can shake our faith and our childrens faith but we can also draw near to God through regular worship,family scripture study and prayer. In everyones life trials come.Its how we learn to get through those trials that is really important.

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Tristan said...

Praying for Neveah's family too.