Sunday, November 6, 2011

Chore Charts

I have NEVER been one to make a chore chart. I am usually a "take it as it comes" kinda lady. If the washer buzzes and I am in the middle of making lunch I'll call out to one of the kiddos to switch it to the dryer for me. If their are crumbs on the table (usually centralized in front of a particular childs chair) I'll call someone over to clean up the table. Of course this sometimes means that mom is doing the majority of the cleaning on her own, because the kiddos arent specifiallyc assigned any particular chore on a regular basis!
Of course in life sometimes things change ;0) With our new,larger home also come more to clean! We have been in the new house for all of 3 days now and I already could see just how exausted I would be if things didnt change.Or how messy the house would become if I was feeling less than energetic!
So I hopped on the computer to look for an easy printable chart I could use to make the kiddos a chore chart. I found tons of great things and these are the ones I thought I'd try out this week!

This website has all sorts of chore charts,reading charts,pet care charts,etc. I gotta be honest though, the thing that drew me to these charts was that each one had a different character at the top that I knew my kids would like ;0) Hey its the small things in life!
So for Hannah its Cinderella,for Isaiah Lego Yoda and for Justin Batman!
I'll post again the end of the week how the chore charts worked for us.An in the meantime if anyone has any tips or suggestions I am totally open to them!

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Tristan said...

Hehehe, good for you recognizing that the new house means more work to go around! Hope the kids love their new charts!