Monday, August 8, 2011

Keeping The Faith

I tend to go through cycles with my scripture reading.Sometimes I like to flip pages and open at random and read whatever is there before me.Then other times I search for old familiar favorites.Yet other times I start at the beginning wanting to get the feel of what happened when and what not.

Today I sat down to read.The house was still quiet.Only one of the kids was up at that point. Today was a “open up and see what you find” day. I like doing this because when I am praying about specific things it never fails that God leads me to just what I need to read.

Today it was Hebrews chapter 11.The whole chapter speaks to the trials,miracles and circumstances of the ancient prophets lives and the faith they had to have.It was a really inspirational chapter. The trials currently facing me were really put into perspective as I read. I was reminded that I need to have faith.To exercise and act on my faith.

Although our trials seem to be overwhelming at times it was also nice to read this chapter and be reminded that was never sold into slavery by my siblings (although my sister may have wanted to at times ;0),never had to labor in slavery waiting for Gods deliverance and was never asked to sacrifice my beloved child to prove my obedience to God. Yes,my trials are hard  at times.They test me.But in comparison they are small burdens to bare. Sometimes we need these reminders. I know I did today.


Tristan said...

I love that chapter. My other favorite chapter talking about faith is Ether 12, more examples of what people did by faith.

Mary said...

I was reminded yesterday at church that sometimes we need to wait on the Lords time for things to happen or to end. I am humbled to know that my daugthers are sometimes more in tune with the Spirit than I am.