Monday, August 22, 2011

Marvelous Monday

Monday was a great day. A big portion of that came along with  the way I started my day. I got up early and worked out.Every time I get up it is a struggle.I am not a morning person.But when I put in the effort and get up early to workout I feel great the rest of the day!  On the school front it was a good and productive day.

We do science and history as a family. We have just started reading in “Story of The World” about the crusades.According to what we read when the Christian knights   did take Jerusalem during  the first crusade they were ruthless.Killing  thousands of Muslims and Jews.Many of whom were not soldiers. After reading this Isaiah (10) had some really great, thought provoking questions about how the Christian Knights took Jerusalem.

We have a curriculum we absolutely love for science called Noeo science. We havent been following the curriculum in recent weeks instead skipping around and using this as just another resource as we  follow new passions that have popped up :0) We have been studying reptiles the last few weeks using our curriculum,library books,internet  research and  studying our pet snake Nagini. As of last week the newest interest has been bats.So we have switched  to mammals and bats this week.Again with LOTS of library books,internet research and our curriculum as well.The best part about being flexible and letting the kids direct the topics we study is that really all I have done is made sure to give them lots of resources.They have read,and played and discovered everything on there own.Running back to me to share what they have learned occasionally :0)

All the other 3 R’s have been covered today.Then a trip to the library.Now the kiddos are enjoying some time playing out in the yard with the neighbors.It is SO good to be a homeschooler :0)

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Mary said...

It's so nice when everything just comes together.