Monday, August 29, 2011

The Hiding Place

If you have not read the book “The Hiding Place” I would strongly encourage you to pick it up from your local library! While I was browsing  a blog I follow I came across a post about Miss. Corrie Ten Boom and her autobiography “The Hiding Place”. I hadn’t ever heard of Corrie and I have a particular interest in the history of the holocaust.So I picked up the book.


This book was an amazing inspiration.The faith of Corrie and her dear Father and Sister is just so uplifting and encouraging.You see Corrie and her  family were put into a concentration camp for harboring Jews.I wont tell you too much so you can enjoy the read for yourself BUT one of  the parts that really touched me I just have to share.  Corrie was telling about her sisters unfailing thankfulness to God. The two sisters had been placed in a “dorm” with hundreds of other women, in filthy conditions and there beds were infested with fleas. Corrie was discouraged and maybe even a bit complaining and her sister told her that No, they must be thankful. Corrie began thanking God for the circumstances they were in and when she stopped her sister told her “even the fleas”.Her sister insisted she thank God for the fleas.At the time the two sister wondered why the guards never hardly came into their dorm.They were thankful for that lack of supervision  because they had smuggled in a Bible and could share it with the other women there and they did indeed hold prayer meetings. One day Corrie's sister found out that the reasons the guards wouldn’t come into there dorm was because the fleas were so bad there!Those fleas enabled those sisters to share Gods word and spirit with so many women.

I wonder how often I gripe about the “fleas” in my life.Instead of giving thanks for them.I am short sighted.I can’t see Gods whole plan for my life.I never know when those “fleas” are the very thing leading me where I need to be.


Tristan said...

I am heading to the library website to order this one right now before I forget!

Mary said...

I read this a long time ago. It was very good. It reminds me that no matter our circumstance, Heavenly Father watches over us.