Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Egg-cellent Experiments!

Oh how I love science!My kids get so excited to do experiments and the hands on stuff really helps them retain what they are learning! We have been talking about eggs and doing experiments with eggs this week.

Todays experiment was sucking an egg into a bottle.All you need is:

* A few hard boiled eggs (you cant get away with just one because the kids will want to do it Over and Over again)

*A bottle( mind you’ll want one that has an opening large enough to set the egg in without falling.But you will want it as close to letting the egg through as possible)

*a match and scrap of paper.

       First thing we did was try to guess what would happen when we placed the egg over the fire. Now Isaiah my oldest son always comes up with the funniest hypothesis.The funnier part is that he explains then in such a scientific way that you almost catch yourself agreeing with him!

Isaiah lit the match and I dropped the flaming paper into the old vitamin bottle.Justin sat the egg (narrow side down) on top and PLOP! it was sucked right in! After a few more PLOPS with eggs we started discussing how the hot air expands and when you set the egg on and the fire goes out the air begins to cool its volume decreases and SUCKS the egg right in!

After some discussion Justin still wasn't getting why the egg got SUCKED into the bottle.Then I got an idea. I said “ok Justin put your finger in your mouth but don't close your mouth. Now suck in.What happened to your finger?” Nothing was his response. I said “Ok well when the egg sits on the bottle the top closes around it.So close your mouth around your finger and suck in again.” This time his finger gets sucked right into his mouth! Now I know this isn't exactly the same thing going on LOL but it got the basic concept across to my six year old so I’m totally ok with it!


Jennifer said...

So fun! I love the way you explained it Justin. Way to improvise! :)

ChristinaB said...

Hehehe thanks ;0)