Sunday, July 24, 2011

Our week in review

This week has been a good week.The hubs has headed back to work after two weeks vacation and we have picked school back up.We school year round and take breaks when its convenient so got to enjoy dads two weeks off with no lessons to be taught, no words to be spelled and no equations to be figured.

On the school front things went really well this week.We have hit a place with both boys that we need to stop, focus and work toward mastery before moving ahead.In math Isaiah is focusing solely on memorizing math facts right now.He CAN do multiple digit addition and subtraction with borrowing.He can do multiple step word problems.I am finding though that not having the basic facts committed to memory is at best slowing him down and at worst causing him to trip up in some of the multiple step problems. The other area that we are slowing down in is spelling. I think spelling is an area that lots of people struggle with.Isaiah is an avid reader and I assumed that that in and of itself would make him a good speller.Well I was WRONG. Spelling is a real weakness for him.The joy is we can take the time to slow down, work on it and get things right.There is no “you failed” and move on.Just practice and encouragement!

Justin our younger son is moving along well in math and spelling.However reading is still very much a chore for him. It hasn’t “clicked” yet if you know what I mean. So we are taking the time to read and read and read :0) Trying to keep our reading time short in duration but frequent.

On the personal front I would truly appreciate your prayers right now.We are looking at the strong possibility of another deployment.A year long deployment to Afghanistan this winter. There is a small (very small) chance that my husband wont deploy with his current unit.The chance of him deploying I would say is 98% though. I am trying hard not to get my hopes up.I am always proud of what my husband does as a soldier.But I dread the thought of living a year as only half of myself.Thats what it feels like when he is gone. We just keep praying and trusting that God will lead us in all of this.

I hope everyones had a great week this week!


Tristan said...

Hooray for a smooth week back! We've been doing those basics that need strengthening all summer and it has been a great thing to do. This week we're adding in copywork/handwriting. The goal is:
Daniel - Air writing and large dry erase board, chalkboard, and salt box. He's learning the letter strokes/chants from Peterson Directed Handwriting. The goal is a letter or two a week. Oliver might play along?
Joseph and Emma - The same things as Daniel but they'll move to paper too, focusing on words, not single letters, after the first week or so.
Makayla - She's ready to get her cursive figured out so it looks nice, and she still can't remember all the letters in cursive. She'll begin the same as the others with air writing (but using cursive chants), and move very quickly to paper for each letter and then words.

Hope you have a great week and you know I'm praying.

Mary said...

Glad the week was a success. Math & Spelling can be a struggle but being able to take it as slow as needed is what make homeschooling a great thing.

On the personal front my prayers are with you guys on the hope of NO deployment for Justin.