Friday, July 15, 2011

The Ultimate Survivor



We have just made it back to civilization!For the past few days we were camping on the southern coast of WA and loving..well not EVERY minute of it, but almost every minute of it.


100_8835 100_8843



I discovered on this trip that there are several different types of campers.

You have your “survivor man” campers.Give them a tarp,a buck knife and some 550 cord and they are good for days on end.Hunting for there food, purifying river water and the like.







On the other end of the spectrum you have the “Beverly Hills campers”They rumble in with there jumbo 33 foot RV.Two bedrooms, a full bath and satellite dish t’boot!These campers really want to have that “home away from home” experience.



100_8895 100_8903

Most people though are somewhere in between these two extremes. I have discovered that I am what I would like to call a “conditional camper”.  When the conditions are right I can enjoy sleeping in a tent, cooking on an open fire and chasing the bugs away from my food. The conditions being “right” for me are 1.DRY and 2.WARM. When the conditions are “wrong” (i.e. wet and cold) I morph into a dry bed,nice little heater, CABIN kind of camper :0) and that's alright with me!

100_8882 My little guy NOT loving the rain.

100_8939 These views could keep me here forever!

100_8938 North Head lighthouse.

100_8941 Alyssa got to ride during our hikes!

100_8954 All my loves on the beach :0)

100_8887 The cabin that became our “home away from home” after the rain.

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Mary said...

I think I would like the cabin to camp in....