Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Weekly Weigh in Survived the holidays!!

I didnt realize I could be so excited to NOT lose weight! But I surely am! Ok I guess really what I am excited about is that I havent gained! Its a good feeling though to not be bummed out that I havent lost this week. I am still sitting at 173lbs and ater the Chritmas holiday I am glad to still be there.
One thing thats been on my mind lately is excepting ourselves AS WE ARE. In high school I was curvy. I am 5' 6 and weighed around 150. I had a very nice curvy womanly body, and I hated it! I thought I was so "Fat" and needed to lose weight! After having my first baby and then weighing 220 pounds then I really missed that body I had and couldnt understand why I had hated it so much.
I think as a society and as women especially we have been taught thru media and other things to not be happy with who we are and what we have. When all you see on t.v are size two rich women you start to think that that is normal and thats what you should be.
We need to accept and love ourselves WHERE WE ARE AT TODAY. Yes I want to lose weight and be healthier But that doesnt mean I am not a beautiful woman today. I should NEVER hate who I am. I can love myself and still want to improve myself. I have struggled with that in the past.
"When I weigh X amount then I'll be pretty/happy" I would tell myself. Thats just not true. If we cant learn to be content where we are right now today then we will never be content with who we are. No matter the weight. So a new goal of mine has been to look for the positive things about myself, especially when I look in th mirror. My eye tends to go straight to the things I DONT like. I need to change that habit and see the beautiful things in front of me.

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Weird Unsocialized Mom said...

Excellent, excellent post! I think you are 100% dead-on. If we don't love ourselves, flaws and all, we're not going to be happy no matter our weight or whatever. Very well-put.