Thursday, December 17, 2009

My little mommy

My two oldest children are sons. One is eight and one is five. They are such sweet guys and I love them dearly. When our third child came along we were honestly expecting another boy. But God had other plans and blessed us with Hannah.
I have loved having a daughter and seeing myself in her.
Today was one of those times. She grabbed her baby doll and layed her in her sisters swing and covered her with a blanket. Then she picked up her baby sisters pacifier and looked at me and asked "baby?"
"Yes" I told her "you can give it to your baby." Then my sweet little two year old goes to her baby doll and gently cups the baby's head in her hand and gives the baby the pacifier. Then she pats the baby and says "There go baby, there go."
It struck me so strongly as I watched her that God had put into my little girl the character traits and instincts of a mother. God has given us as women everything we need to be exactly who He wants us to become.

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Tristan said...

Aww, moments like that make up for the 'emotional/do it my own way' side, don't they? She's got a great mommy to learn from!