Sunday, February 27, 2011

Breaking out of the mold



It never ceases to amaze me how stuck we can become.I have been contemplating the kids homeschooling.What do we want to start next year?What do we want to change?Things like that.

One specific area that has been on my mind is my son Justins reading. I think the spelling curriculum we use will really help him with his reading as well.

“So” I tell myself “We will start that next year once we finish up kindergarten.” 

I’ve been going over Level 1 of our All About Spelling curriculum all weekend and thinking to myself how wonderful it will be for him, how much I think it will work with his learning style, etc. OH if only we could start it NOW….Wait a minute..Who says we cant start it now?

Well goodness me we cant just pick something up in the final few months of the school  year can we? They don't do that in public school! That curriculum is level 1 so he MUST be in first grade before we start that. That's how it works in public school.So that's how we need to do it right?

This was the dialog I was having with myself today. Tell me I’m not the only one who does that LoL! Then I realized that I was STUCK! Stuck in that public school mold that just makes no sense! By golly if I think that spelling curriculum is right for my kindergartener right now then that's what we should do! Even though that's not the way it was done when I attended public school.

I sure do love the freedom of homeschooling. I just have to remind myself of it sometimes!


Kris said...

I too find myself doing that A LOT...I went to a PS also and I try to not be in that "mold" as you say but I sometimes just cant help it...That is when I pray that God please direct me in the way I should be going...and He does...and I follow... Homeschooling is a journey and a wonderful amazing one at that...I love having the freedom to toss out whats NOT working and throw in what IS working/could work...I love this post, thanks for sharing!

Tristan said...

Too fun to read this! I was working on my post about how year-round homeschooling works for us last night and taking about how you have to be okay with not starting and finishing every book in line with the beginning and end of the school year. We've already started the next level in spelling, we'll switch math levels in about 2 months, and start history plans in April. LOL!