Friday, February 18, 2011

Our Week


I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines week this past week! I know I sure did! My week started out with a date with my sweetheart of almost ten years.

100_7885 Here is me before my date posing with my second son Justin.

On Valentines day we decided to make some pink playdoh to play with. My sons were none too keen on the pink part!

Isaiah has been reading a lot about pirates lately and asked to try out this recipe in his pirate cookbook


They sounded yummy and we had all the ingredients we needed so make them we did! Isaiah even made some flags to go on them


We did some shopping that seemed rather odd to me in the middle of February.We went swim suit shopping!Ha Ha Ha! We just got a family membership to the YMCA.The boys have been taking homeschool P.E. and Swim classes there so they already had suits. Dad and I still fit our suits from last year but both the little girls needed new suits.

100_7878 Hannah of course picked the pinkest one she could find! I have yet to get a picture of Alyssa in hers but it is super adorable too!

Today we decided to make some Red Velvet cupcakes. I had everything I needed.Everything that is except enough red food coloring

100_7917 So we had PINK Velvet cupcakes instead!

I spent the afternoon today putting together some special things for school on Monday.We are going to be learning about George Washington and about the role of a President. I hope everyone has a great Presidents Day weekend!


Tristan said...

Aww, Hannah looks so old. Love the pirate boats - very cool!

Uh, we're not bringing suits in October. I'm just sayin' - even when we go to the ocean (which we really really really want to do), there will be no swimsuits involved. :D We don't even own suits for the kids, we did zero swimming last year, not hardly any the year before. I'm all for getting in the surf in our clothes though....

M said...

I bet the pirate potato boats tasted yummy and the cupcakes too.
Hannahs suit looks just darling.