Monday, February 21, 2011

Small and Simple Things Challenge

I have been blogging a bit about small goals I am making to improve my health and other aspects of my life. I am glad to say that my exercising goals have been going really well. We got a membership to the local YMCA and are using it frequently. I am averaging exercising 4-5 days a week :0)    My eating goals are NOT going so well. I just love food!I love to eat! I am really trying to commit to having healthier meals planned. I think food will always be a struggle for me. Something I am putting to prayer is self control. I know that is what I am lacking when it comes to my eating habits.

This week I am going to really try to focus on my eating.Take the time to make healthy meals for EVERY meal.As well as working on my self control.


Tristan said...

Why is food so darn yummy? Sigh. That makes it harder!

I just finished exercise for the second morning in a row - time to go shower!

M said...

Great job on the exercising. I can't seem to get started....