Sunday, March 6, 2011

A refreshing Sabbath day

Today I heard a lot of things I needed to hear. I felt a lot of things I needed to feel.Mostly because my daughter is sick!

Some Sundays are hard for me.We sit in sacrament meeting and TRY to listen to the word being preached.But with a 15 month old to occupy, a 3 year old to quiet and two  older boys with boundless energy hearing anything can be a miracle! Today Hannah(3) has a hacking cough.So Daddy kept her home from church with little sis and one big brother.That left Isaiah(9) and I to go to church today. Now let me be clear I would NEVER wish my children to be sick and I know that the best place for them to be on Sunday is at church. But ooh how wonderful it was to be able to sit and focus on the truths being taught!

One of the things that struck me so strongly was what a new Brother said. “God has a plan for my life and that means I am exactly where I am supposed to be.” I know this sounds simple. There are just times in life when we can become discontent over “where” we are.Whether that is where physically,spiritually,in the church or other. I have admittedly felt a bit of that lately and it was like God was speaking right to me.Telling me that I am exactly where HE wants me to be right now and that I should be making the best of that.

God being the ultimate parent took an opportunity on the drive home to Reiterate this point to me.Listening to some music on the ride home Isaiah said to me. “Mom sometimes in songs you hear people talk about there purpose here. I’m not really sure what that means.” I told Isaiah that God has put us all here for a reason.We all share some of those purposes.To get a body,to learn and grow,etc. and that on top of that we each have things we have been sent here to do that God has planned for just us.Like serve a mission and reach a certain person.I told him that I knew part of my purpose here was to be his and his sibling mom.And then God told me something as I spoke to my son and it was just so wonderful to me. I found myself saying that I was put here to raise them to follow God and to teach them to become the people that God wanted them to be. Again this may seem kinda obvious but today I needed that reminder.It is so easy to lose sight sometimes of our purpose here.We lose it in the midst of the  everyday humdrum responsibilities.Or in the harried rush that is our life.

Today was so refreshing.I am going to remember this throughout my week as I ask my 3 year old why she hid and used my lipstick as paint.Or when I remind my 9 year old for the 10th time today to speak with a kind tone to his siblings.Or when I am wrangling the baby during church service. I am here for a purpose and I am EXACTLY were God wants me to be.

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Mary said...

It's funny how even when things aren't perfect (sick children) Heavenly Father can manage to bless us with just the thing we need.