Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Walk Like an Egyptian


Since revising  our history plans we have been “walking like Egyptians” All week! Are big focus this week?Pyramids! We started off the week watching “Chasing Mummies” a series that follows archeologist working in Egypt.The series is definitely not geared towards kids so I wasn't really sure just how well it would catch my boys attention.I turned on the first episode and all I heard through the entire half hour was “Oh Wow mom look at that mummy!” “Look there are snakes in their How Cool!” “Mom I am going to Egypt and I’m going to find a tomb no ones ever seen before!”  The boys loved it and it provoked some really great conversations with the boys.

The rest of the week has been spend reading Mary Pope Osbornes Magic Tree house book “Mummies in the morning”


and building pyramids


You know your doing something right when your kids tell you they just “LOVE” history :0)

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Anonymous said...

Are you going to let them "become" a mummy? You know wrap them up in toilet paper....I know - I am such a grandma!