Friday, September 24, 2010

Being about their Fathers and Mothers work

Today was a nice Friday with Dad home from work. We sat down to school as usual and Dad headed out to the garage to start on his shelf building project. Part way through school I got this feeling that I should send the boys out to the garage. “Oh no I told myself.We have to finish our work.The boys also have a bedroom to clean,its just a mess!” It really WAS a mess, See!


After telling myself all these things I still had the feeling to send the boys out.So finally I said forget the school work for now and sent the boys out to be with their dad.

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Whilst the  boys were  out doing their “man work” we girls decided to do a bit of “womens work” and bake some yummy garlic cheesy muffins.

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Yes there was house work that needed done and school work to complete.But this morning was really about showing our children the joys of the roles God gave them.Letting the boys be boys.Letting them learn skills from their father that will make them capable men someday.For me sharing the joys of the kitchen with my girls,no matter how young they are was such a blessing. I have many fond memories of sitting around the kitchen and watching the women in my life prepare meals.

In todays society we are often told that men and women are the SAME.I’m sorry but that is a LIE plain and simple. We are fearfully and wonderfully made,men and women both.But we ARE different.God has given us different gifts and different roles.Today I truly enjoyed seeing those differences in our home.


crazy4boys said...

Well said. And good for you!

joelle said...

I do not comment often but I do enjoy reading your blog. I have awarded you a sunshine award. You can pick it up @

Mrs. White said...

What a lovely day! I am sure the children had a great time with each parent!

Mrs. White

Jeanine said...

Hey it is just like you said on my blog.. Being flexible when dad is home. And aren't your boys blessed to have a dad that builds interesting things..

Oh. BTW You have been tagged! :) Come see my blog to see your tag questions.