Monday, September 6, 2010

Isn’t it obvious?

I have spent a portion of my time this evening browsing through some blogs.Blogs centered on baking,schooling,family,crafting.You name it!One reoccurring theme that I noticed on these blogs got me thinking.Every single blog I read made mention of a discontent with their childrens schooling.Be it bullying,poor teachers,the class being too slow or too fast,the children struggling with attention issues.So many things really and out of all of them not one mentioned actually DOING something about it.

Now if you are reading my blog then I am sure you know that I homeschool.Let me be clear when I say I am NOT anti-public school. What I am is anti-uninvolved parents,anti-sticking with something that isn't working,anti-not teaching our children about God,anti-trying to teach children who aren't ready and anti-holding children back when they are advanced. A lot of those things happen in public school and I think that's why people tend to assume I am anti-public school.If public school works for you and yours that's awesome.BUT… and its a big but, if your complaining then it ain’t working!

Isn't the answer obvious then?Doesn't it follow that if public school isn't working for your family then you should look for other alternatives?That you as the parent have the right to choose something different for your child/children? It never ceases  to amaze me when I am having a conversation with a mother who is upset/angry/unsatisfied about their childs current school situations.I mention homeschooling and they immediately without thought tell me they couldn't/shouldn't/wouldn't do that for X,Y, and Z reason. I homeschool and people may think I am nuts.They may here me complain about dissecting a fish or my house being taken over by the latest science project.But they will NEVER hear me complain about my childrens education without a plan to fix what isn't working.


Tristan said...

You are so right! I don't get why people complain about things, especially related to their children's education, and then do nothing about it! Obviously it isn't bothering them enough to help their child, or they (sadly) do not realize they are the parent and CAN do something about it.

Anonymous said...

Sadly some people just feel they couldn't do it so they make excuses why they don't do it.