Friday, September 24, 2010

Justin is 6!

s41081cb125687_17_0 That's my NOT so little boy and he just turned six this week.

The night he was born was such an amazingly exciting night.Less then 4 hours labor,only 1 hour actually at the hospital before delivering, no pain meds and a doctor who Laughed and exclaimed that it was the fastest delivery he’d ever seen! That whole exciting entrance into the world has never actually fit my Justin. From day one he has been the calmest and quietest boy.



He’s my shy guy,never talking to strangers and usually hiding from my camera :0) When he was in the hospital with pneumonia last year he refused to speak to the doctors or nurses!I had to tell him they wouldn't let us leave until he answered their questions just to get him to talk!


He has the most charming smile, when he isn't hiding it away that is! He has brought such joy to my mommy heart.I thank the Lord daily for him.

Happy Birthday Buddy!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday big boy!