Thursday, April 21, 2011

Preparing and helpful resources

Recently our family has had an eye opening experience about being prepared.If your a military family or government employee I am sure you have too. For anyone not in that situation let me  explain.

Our government was recently on the verge of a shut down.Basically our government had spent all there budget WELL before the end of the fiscal year. If an agreement can not be made about how to proceed with funding/etc. then a partial government shut down happens.When that happens  “non essential” government agency's start lay offs and close down until a new budget agreement is made. This year the partial government shut down would also effect troops serving in the military.Soldiers with families to feed would be required to continue working but would not be paid.Even those serving in a war zone.

When you find that your next pay check may not be coming you sit down and take a real look at things.An inventory if you will of expenses,resources,cash on hand,everything. I was thankful to find that in some area’s we were decently prepared.But honestly in other area’s we were NOT prepared at all! Being prepared is now something our family is focused on and working towards. Today I found a preparedness quiz at Pastoral Symphony Farms. It was really eye opening and thought provoking! I’d encourage anyone to hop on over there and take this quiz.

I’d also really love to read  any links,sites or idea’s you all have about preparedness!As I look for good info and resources I’ll be sure to post them here!

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