Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Weekend


What a beautiful start I had to my Easter weekend! The kids,hubby and I spent the day in Seattle. The sun was shining and the sky was blue.If you know anything about the Pacific Northwest you know that its a rare thing :0)

First on our list was to explore the Aquarium for a while.The kids all love the aquarium.So do us parents too come to think of it.Everyone had their favorite parts.I’ll share mine and Hannah’s with you today.

The aquarium has two large touch pools filled with star fish,sea urchins,sea slugs and various other marine creatures.Hannah(our 3 yr old) has always refused to touch anything in the touch pool ;0) Today she kept going back and going back and staring at the water.You could see the debate in her head playing out on her face.Slowly she reached down and stuck a finger in to touch the water.She didn't touch any actual living things IN the water but hey, baby steps! Later on in the day as we were all discussing our “favorite part” Hannah says “ I like I touch BIG water.Not little water, big water!” LoL She was rather proud of herself!

After enjoying the aquarium for a few hours we headed to Pikes Market.The kids were begging to go back for some donuts.They had enjoyed them so much the last time we had been there. I was anxious to go back and get some more flowers.There are rows after rows of fresh flowers at the market.Beautiful bouquets for amazing prices! I LOVE fresh flowers and I really wanted to have some for my table this weekend.

All in all we had a wonderful start to our Easter weekend!

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Alina said...

Sounds like you are in for a great weekend! Happy Easter!