Saturday, April 30, 2011

Nurturing Your Marriage



Has anyone else noticed how when life gets busy we tend to let the really important things slip? Giving up our personal scripture study time to do another math lesson. Running to another team practice instead of going to  a church function. Going out for a girls night instead of making time to date your husband.

Let me  be clear and say that none of those “other things” are bad. Math lessons with the kiddos are  a VERY good thing.So is the occasional girls night out.But I believe that those things should NOT be first on our list.Not even second or third.

I try to priorities my daily schedule and really my life by prioritizing my relationships.Because honestly 90% of what we do,we do because of our relationships. Some people have trouble prioritizing their relationships. I have found through what I have learned during my  personal scripture study that it is really very easy to do.

#1. My relationship with my Father in Heaven and my Savior Jesus Christ.

#2. My marriage and partnership with my Husband.

#3. My beloved children and our parent child relationship.

#4. Extended family relationships.

For me to be a good wife I need to be right with my Heavenly Father.Because having a close personal relationship with God makes me a better person all around.More willing to be humble and to serve.

Having a loving healthy relationship with my husband makes me content and makes me a happier momma.It shows a good example to my children and in the long run will help them to have healthy loving relationships with their spouses.

When things are going good within my own four walls I feel like I have more love to give and joy to spread to our extended family.

I’d encourage everyone to sit down with yourself and  really think about your priorities. How are you spending your time?

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