Thursday, November 11, 2010

Another Double Gratitude post!

So I am really bad at posting every day! Hahaha That's alright though I am going to just keep making up for it by double posting :0)

For day 10 yesterday I am grateful for Christian romance novels!I know that sounds silly but I am a reader. I always need something to read to occupy my brain. Yesterday my brain was just all unsettled because I couldn't find anything to read.I was looking for what I can brain candy.Something fun and light to entertain my mind. FINALLY I found on my shelf a Christian romance I hadn't read yet. I got a ton of them from my grandma back a few years and I though I had read them all.Turns out I hadn't and I was able to spend my quiet hours before falling into bed with a good book.

Today I am SO Grateful for the men and women who have served in the armed forces and for those who are currently serving. I am free to raise my children in the way I choose and to worship my Lord and Savior as I see fit thanks to all of them. I am grateful to my husband who serves in the Army. For his example oh duty,honor,hard work and integrity.


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