Friday, August 27, 2010

Weekly wrap up*Daddy’s home addition*

This week marked the end of our first month of school for the year!Very exciting for us all.We did lots of fun things this week and got school done ta’boot!

This weeks science was all about movement,force and Isaac Newtons three laws of motion. We experimented with a hard boiled egg and uncooked egg.Spinning each in turn,stopping them briefly and then releasing them to see what happened.Demonstrating Newtons first law of motion.The liquid inside the uncooked egg kept moving and in turn made the shell start moving again after we stopped it.Dad did a couple other fun experiments this week with the kids to help them understand Newtons second and third laws of motion.

History has been all about ancient Egypt.Justin our almost six year old seems content to go with the flow but shows little enthusiasm in general.That is TOTALLY  his personality.He is so laid back that he usually has no opinions over anything that happens. Isaiah on the other hand has really enjoyed what we have been studying.We use “Story of The World” along with several supplemental books. The topic that got the most excitement was of course mummies!We talked about the mummification process in all its grossness.It was a huge hit!My favorite though was today when we sat down to history and I told the kids we would be reading about a man who with Gods help saved all of Egypt.Isaiah immediately said “I know who your talking about!That one guy!” LoL Yep that one guy.That one awesome guy who had faith in the Lord,did not wallow in self pity over his trials but instead relied on the Lord and saved Egypt.Of course I am talking about Joseph.I really enjoy making those kind of connections.Putting the history in the Bible in context with “the rest of the world” history.

We’ve had some great developments on the reading front from both boys.Justin our Kindergartener is progressing to reading simple sentences and needing less and less help.That is of course if he is in the mood to read that day!LoL.He still has days that he drags his feet and fusses.Those are the days I try to just back off and let him play.I know that nothing good can be accomplished by pushing and prodding.  The past week Isaiah on the other hand has asked to do reading FIRST thing.Now this is NOT typical Isaiah behavior!When asked to read the usual response is “do I have to?Couldnt you just read?” But I have found a new secret weapon..”Fablehaven”! These are books introduced to me by my sister.Her 9 year old daughter absolutely loves these books. I must say I was doubtful these would work well for Isaiah.Although the content is right up his alley he is by no means as good a reader as my niece. She is reading,with comprehension I might add books far above her age level.Isaiah is much more comfortable reading right at his age level.But Glory Be I figured we would try them and he is hooked! Instead of setting the clock for 15 minutes and hearing groans and complaints starting after about 8 I am leaving  him to his own and he reads in his bed for a good 25 minutes before he is ready for a break :0) Such a huge accomplishment for my big guy!

Aside from the school front we’ve had lots of fun outings this week.Particularly trips to pick blueberries and a birthday trip to the aquarium! All in all a great ending to our first month of school!


Tristan said...

Hehehe, I knew he would like Fablehaven! It's so neat when they can't get enough of a book and will fight through actually reading it themself!

As for science - well, be ready to teach my boys when they start insisting on something beyond animals and space. Ugh, I don't even want to think about it!

joelle said...

Sounds like you had a pretty productive week. We are planning on going blueberry picking on Monday.

wdworkman said...

Looks like you've a good start on the school year.
Janet W

Giggly Girls said...

Sounds like a great week! I'm glad to see that your hubby is home. =o)

Nicole said...

We are LOVING our study on Ancient Egypt! My son would like to study it all year.