Monday, August 2, 2010

A GREAT weekly wrap up

I know I’m late posting this up and probably wont be able to link to the wrap up on Kris’ blog.That’s ok though I still wanted to blog about our week! This was one of the best weeks we have had all year! My hubby came home from Iraq this week! :0)

Early in the week the kids and I decorated the porch


Then we decorated the car


We were really trying to stay busy! We knew Justin would be getting home Thursday morning and we needed to fill time!

A friend of mine came over with her three kids and stayed the night Wednesday night.Her husband was coming home that morning as well and they live about 30 minutes away.Since we had to have all the kiddos up and at the gym at 5am I offered to let her stay.I think it helped all of us to pass that slow evening of waiting!

The wait at the gym seemed like forever! We got to watch a big projection screen of the guys getting off there plane.Then a bit more of them while they waited to check in their weapons,for single soldiers to get assigned rooms and then finally they were bused to the gym. This is what it looked like.







I can not even begin to describe the cheers that filled that gym as our soldiers marched in. It was the most wonderful feeling!After a long hard year our soldiers were finally home!

homecomingday Finally we were all together again! What an amazing week this was!


All American x5 said...


Thank God!

Enjoy all that blessed time together!

Anonymous said...

I will second that. Thank you Heavenly Father for their safe return.

Jennifer said...

Yeah! I'm so happy for you. How wonderful to have the whole family back together.