Wednesday, August 25, 2010

1 Month Down

We are almost finished with our first month back to school!WooHoo for us!! Its been going really well so far and I’m proud to say we are still on schedule..kinda.. haha! We have stayed on schedule with the subjects that are usually the hardest for us to keep up on.That would be math and science.

Other things we have gone completely of the planned schedule and are now just doing what I think we should each day.Those things are language and spelling.We have been doing both regularly.Just not along the planned “route” so to speak :0)

Some things we have completely tossed out all together.That being composer and artist studies.To be totally honest here no one in our house is artsy.My boys do draw on occasion.Mostly things like plans for machines,weapons and forts.But no one really cares to do much in the way of art.So we dropped it.The same goes with composer studies as well.We enjoy listening to music but that's really as far as the interest goes.There are so many other things to keep up with.So many other things my kiddos WANT to do.So why make all of us endure something that NO ONE wants to do! Its actually kind of liberating :0)

The next few weeks are going to be a special treat because my husband is on leave(vacation) from work for 27 days!So there are special things going on each week like blueberry picking,a two to three day camping trip,trips to the zoo and the beach.It also means some great learning time with dad.I am usually the primary teacher and homeschooler.It will be really exciting to have dad around and involved this month.

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Anonymous said...

Wow that month went fast. I am with you - study what they enjoy. They will learn more.