Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Justin is 5 today

I can not believe that I have an eight year old, a five year old, a two year old(on the 29th) and another one coming in November!!
Today my second son is five years old. I can still remember when He was born. He was born very shortly after my husband joined the military. We were in Georgia, hot, icky, stick Georgia! His was a very fast labor! three hours and forty minutes to be exact =-} I was at the hospital for forty minutes before He was born. Justin was my husbands and my first child biologically together and it was so amazing to go through the whole labor and birth process with my husband and see his wonder at his new born son.
Justin has always been my laid back happy guy and I love seeing him grow into himself every day. He truly is a joy, a blessing and a gift!

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