Sunday, September 20, 2009

I LOVE homeschool

I am sure that more than half of my posts on this blog have been about how much I love homeschool, but really I just love it so much! I cant imagine doing anyhing else, or why anyone would for that matter!!
For anyone else who homeschools they can relate to the interesting situations that come up around "back to school" time. I hear all about how "little Sally" cried for 20 minutes on her first day of kindergarten but mom was just "sure" it was normal and somehow good for her. Or how "Billy" came home this week saying five new words that were NOT exceptable but mom was just "sure" it was normal and he would get over it. Or how after being back to school for a week the teenager in the house was trying to dress like a street walker and had to be checked each day before leaving the house, but again mom is "sure" that this is normal....
When did all this crazyness become "normal"?Yet I hear about how MY children are missing out on such important adolescent experiances! Yeah right like what? The ones listed above?!
I dont mean to sound bitter or holier than thou But a girl gets a little cranky when she has to sit and listen to every "public" school parents back to school bliss(woohoo I get rid of my kids for most of the day) and there problems (listed above) and yet no one asks us about school and how its going. I honestly think they dont ask because we dont have anything to complain about!
For example I always get a little grin when I ask a friends child if they are looking forward to school starting and I hear all the whining, grumbling and complaining about how much school stinks. When said friend asks my child in return if they are looking forward to school starting (and again half the time they dont even ask!) The response they get is generally something resembling this
"Yeah I cant wait, homeschool is so awesome! We get to learn about X,Y, and Z this year I cant wait!" =-}
We all need a good rant now and then and THAT was mine!

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