Friday, September 25, 2009

I am starting to feel IT

I am officially feeling TOO pregnant! LoL This being my fourth pregnancy I knew this would come. That I would get to the point when I was up peeing more than sleeping at night and just getting me and the kids out of the car and into the store, let alone doing any grocery shopping would feel like an accomplishment.
I took the kids and headed to Walmart yesterday to get the cars oil changed. I thought it would be a nice little half hour trip with a chance to shop around a little.
Sadly only five minutes into our "nice little trip" I was tired, my back was aching and the smell of tires and oil from the tire and lube center was still making me nauseaus!
I had to laugh today when my sister suggest we make a trip to pick apples at the apple orchard NEXT MONTH. You know when I have about 4 weeks left till my due date! I reminded her of the looming due date and the fact that I would be taking all three kids Alone (i.e without spouse help).she said to me in all her crazyness
"Well My hubby and I will be there!"

Now for anyone who knows and for those who dont my sister and her Hubby have five children of there own! What kind of help would they really be?? None, not in the least bit!! I love ya Sis but you know its true!! =-}
Now in all honesty I might make the trip! The kids would have a ball, get some fresh air, fresh apples and Grandma and Grandpa usually go.They having no children of there own to chase would be helpful with my own rugrats! Of course just the thought of the whole trip makes me want to lie down and take a nap!! We will see if I get the energy up to make that trip!!


Anonymous said...

Count this set of grandparents in! We like apples and we love grandkids......

Tristan said...

Hey! I've done it pregnant or with a newborn the last several years running... I remember. I'll pack you a pillow and you can nap in the van while the kids pick apples, especially since grandma already volunteered! Want to do the How To Make and Apple Pie and See the World unit study together?