Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Zoo

We spent this beautiful spring day enjoying the beautiful weather at the zoo! I took tons of pictures and I wanted to share them.
Mushroom sitting

Jumping off the mushroom

So Handsome!

Enjoying the water

right in the face!

dripping wet

Hannah and daddy looking at the musk ox right before Isaiah yells "EEww it just pooped!" LoL thats boys for you!

Getting tired and grumpy!

Mr. Tiger

Me and my boys!

My cutie husband!

The three greatest kids!

Handsome handsome boys

Barn owl

Hannah loves the aquarium

Watching the sharks

Hannah enjoyed walking around

cutie pie


beautiful flowers

I love this statue

mole rats


thats right I am drooling!

spider monkeys!

snail 1

snail 2

spider monkey 3


she loved the meerkats

really cool looking peacock

I made it thru the day!!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun day. Bet the kids went to bed early that night. ha ha Sure miss them (and you and the hubby, of course)