Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Princess Dalasha Jr.

My family likes to laugh and tell me about when I was little. They say I used to put a shirt on my head and pretend it was my hair and I was Called Princess Dalasha. up until now I wasnt really sure if I believed them. you'd have to know my family to understand! They like to poke fun and sometimes I think they make it all up after all I am fairly close to perfect! Well, all my doubts were squashed today when my daughter came toddling out of her bedroom with a pair of P.J pants. she proceeded all by herself to sling them on her head and run around with them there! Its Princess Dalasha Jr.

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Anonymous said...

Oh yes......so it begins! She is just as adorable as you were! Just so everyone knows, she was enough of a character that we didn't need to make up tales.