Monday, June 15, 2009

Time for an update

Not much has been going on in our household but I thought I'd type a post any how! We are still just trying to prepare for Daddy's deployment, our move cross country and the new baby coming. The packing is going fairly well and I hope to have that all done by july. I prefer to pack a little bit each week over a few weeks rather than try to do it all at once. The last minute stuff stresses me out.
We have our ultrasound this week. I love ultrasounds! Seeing the baby in there moving around and finding out the sex of the baby just makes it all seem more real. I dont wait to be surprised at the birth as far as what we are having because I like to start calling the baby by there name, instead of refering to them as "the baby" or worse "it"!
We have planned to take a whole summer off of homeschool because we are busy with all of the aforementioned craziness going on BUT to be honest it is already driving me crazy! The kids need structured time and activities. Now technically that doesnt have to be "homeschool" like math, history and the such. That can be any number of things. SO I am sitting down to work on a schedule for our summer. Some of the included things will be Read aloud time, art project time, outside play and board game time.I will probably also incorporate things to do with helping out. For instance Mondays Isaiah will help with all meal prep and Justin will play with/occupy Hannah during meal prep.We will switch off on the days of the week. I find if we have no schedule at all it becomes "can we watch tv" and "I'm bored" time way too much! So this schedule planning will hopefully help with all that!

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