Thursday, June 18, 2009


Today we had our ultrasound to see just who baby number four is! I love having ultrasounds and getting a chance to get a glimpse inside the womb. My hubby enjoys them to because then the baby seems more real to him. We found out that this little one is a girl! I couldnt be more thrilled. We have two boys age 7 and 4. our daughter Hannah who is 1 1/2 and now she will have a sister! Thats exactly what I was hoping for.
Its funny to me to think about how much I wanted her to have a sister to grow up with and share things with considering how much my own sister and I did NOT get along! Those teen years were just terrible for us! I am sure they were even worse for our mom! Hahaha
But then I look at my relationship with my sister now and I know why I wanted so badly for my little girl to have a sister. My sister is my best friend in every sense of the word. I look up to her and seek her advice when I am struggling and she is the first person I want to share my joys and triumphs with. She is just a really awesome lady and I love her so much.
I just cant believe we are already at this point in the pregnancy, half way! I just so look forward to seeing my new little girl and getting to know who she is and enjoying the blessing that she is in our family!


Tristan said...

Aww, I'm blushing here...

Really, I love you too sis! I'm glad we made it through the teen years because you turned out to not be so bratty after all. It is wonderful to have a sister and friend who thinks like I do on many things, hwo loves being a mom, who loves homeschooling, and who loves the gospel.

Horray for my new niece!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on girl number 2. I can't wait to see ultrasound pictures! She will be much loved and spoiled I am sure!

Stephanie Saunders said...

YAY! How fun! I'm sad you guys are leaving!

Sarah said...

Hey! Glad you found my blog! =)

I'm pretty sure we're going to go for baby #4 sometime next year, and I'll be crossing my fingers for another girl to even the score. Congrats to you!

I saw on your profile that you like romantic comedies--several gals in the ward are going to 'The Proposal' tomorrow (Tuesday night) at 7:55 in Lacey. You should come!