Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Snow Day...Sort of!

Things here in Washington have been cold cold cold and snowy too! We have gotten several inches of snow today. The schools were closed and Daddy had the day off work too! My Oldest asked me early today.
" mom can we have a snow day?!" Laughing I replied "No!"
The pout I got could break a mommys heart! Then he said
"Why cant we play in the snow today?"

Sometimes I forget that things that are normal or common knowledge to public school kids doesnt even register with my little ones. My oldest wasnt asking for the day off of school He simply wanted to know if He would get to go out and play in it!! This evening thats exactly what they did. My boys headed out front with Dad for a snowball fight and building snowmen. Mommy and Our little Miss. Stayed in the house cozy and warm making dinner =-} It definately feels like Christmas now!!

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes we forget to "listen" to what someone is really asking for. Thanks for listening mom!