Saturday, December 13, 2008

AB1's Story

Today my oldest decided he would sit down and write a story. Off and on he has worked on it throughout the day. Asking on occasion how to spell this or that and I just had to share it!!He hasnt finished it yet so there will be another "installment" coming!

The Stourea of spider chasm

wuns upon a time ther wus a king. he was happy. he was called by some friends bycus the blue cristll wus stolln. The king sed i will get the cristll. and he wus on the way he hrd a noys it wus a goblin. then he grabd his sword and sliced the goblin. then he grabd its teeth and tied its teeth to a stik to make a dagr. then he wint and on the way ter wus a troll and he hit the troll with his sword and the troll screamed in terrr.

How awesome is that!! I must say I am SO proud!! He has thought it up all by himself and the story is all him =-} Here is a picture of the aspiring author!


tdrowlee said...

Great job my dear nephew! Your cousins love the story! We'll watch for the next part to be posted later.

lOVE Aunt TiTi

Anonymous said...

Great story. Grandpa Larry loves stories with swords in thems so I will read it to him tonight!

Love Grandma