Monday, December 8, 2008


I am pretty darn tired! All three kids have been sick for the past two weeks and last night around four A.M. it came to be too much for this poor mom! hahaha Both boys were up last night with fevers complaining of head aches. I knew we just had to suck it up and take them to the E.R.
So we packed up all three sweeties and headed out. We sat in the waiting area for about an hour and a half. Somehow I had the presence of mind to grab one of the kids favorite books and so aside from the vomiting from A.B1 we spent the hour and a half happily reading "James and The Giant Peach."
Then I took the boys to see one doctor and dear hubby to A.B3 to see another. It turnes out the two youngers just simply have a cold/ flu that is just hanging on. AB1 has a sinus infection. All in all not to bad! After that it was off to the pharmacy.
We got all three home around nine and Daddy headed to work and the kids and I settled in for what promised to be a long day! All went fairly well though and we all got a nap.
I thought about how tiring and draining it is to take care of my three sick ones and how much it means to have my hubbys help. He is such a great guy and always willing to pitch in and help out. I don't know how our family would get thru what we do without him!!

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Anonymous said...

Glad the AB's are on the mend. Don't forget to take care of yourself as well....